Sunday, July 4, 2010

Two New Poems in Mipoesias Journal

On page 7: [click here]


  1. So sorry I haven't been checking your work lately, but congratulations on the publication. Just yesterday, Robert Brewster of Poetic Asides told the group he had a poem there in the latest edition.

    I like the poems you have there. You should come over to Poetic Asides. We write to the prompt on Wednesdays, but there is such a variety of great work there. I am also commenting there every Wednesday and I think you would fit right in there. Come over:

  2. No, you have not been reading our mail. For these thoughts, writers shove to the back of their brains, behind the tongue, lest we speak them aloud.

    So, how is it back there, Ed? In the back of my writer's brains? Sometimes I am mesmerized by the wonder of it all.

    Four beauties here, no writer should miss their comfort and the chance to say...Selah!


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