Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just Received Copies of My First Book of Poems

Just received author's copies of "Night Fires," from my publisher (Pudding House Publications), which was a semi-finalist for The Journal Award (2009), also known as the "Charles B. Wheeler Prize." This is an annual competition to select one poetry maunuscript for publication, sponsored by OSU poets. I'm elated with the printing and the cover art. They did a great job. There are 30 poems in the book, a sort of reflection on early events and circumstances that were important to me in my childhood and early adulthood. I hope I was able to provide a different look at what are no doubt common and perhaps identifiable themes. You can order the book directly from the publisher for $10 (not including postage): Pudding House Publications/ 81 Shadymere Lane/ Columbus, OH 43213, or find it at their website: I also am offering, on a first-come, first-served basis, inscribed copies from my own pile sitting in the study. If you want to reserve a copy, just email me at: and/or send $14 (postpaid) to Ed Nudelman/125 New Balch St./ Beverly, MA 01915

Here's one of the poems from the book:


My father abandoned me.

Left me for hours
with the Saturday morning weirdoes
on Pike Street to watch gorilla
movies one after another
while the poker star
went upstairs following smoke
or downstairs or across the street.
God knows where he went
to play his cards.

When he finally returned
I’d be on a swivel-chair
next to the popcorn machine

where a pal from his war
made sure I was discreetly
sequestered, cool and dry
and bleary-eyed.

When I got home, the smoke
from my cigarette-laced clothes
still reeked. And worse,
the gorillas kept on dying.



  1. Congratulations on a fine honor. Your work is very accessible and projects a wonderful feeling.

  2. congratulations Ed, that's great news!

    I remember listening to an audio of you reading that poem actually and really liking it.

    Except that I remember the last line being different: " Why did the gorilla always had to die?" I liked that line more!

  3. This time, words do really fail me, so happy am I for you, buddy!

  4. I've already said my congratulations, but the poem, "Matinees" brought me back to my childhood. The grittiness of the language and the matter of fact tone brought me into that world. I am looking forward to reading all of the poems in this book.:)

    Great job!

  5. Ed, I just received the book. It is a real tour de force. I sat outside by the pool with coffee in hand and just read and read, and it is heavenly. "Last Turn and Curl" left me feeling what a great way to go. And, "Nobody Heard Boo-Boo" left me with the knowledge that there are simply a few with the kindness of angels. Keep writing, Ed! You have found that wonderful voice inside you to treat the world with. Thanks, Anne B. Grote

  6. Jeanette Cheezum

    This bite of the past is very vivid.How many children went through the same thing?

  7. I'm looking forward to reading this.

  8. I see this difference in outlook of a child and an adult experiencing the same world.

    I hear each of their silences, both unable to put forth words needed to bring to life the exaperation,which they each feel.

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