Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Three Poems in Denver Syntax

I've got three poems in Denver Syntax, a pretty hot literary journal.

Click here and then click on poems: Syntax


  1. Sir Nudelman,

    Hot, yes. But Not incredibly new. This is our 15th issue.

  2. ha, new to me, Luc... sorry, I will change!!

  3. Nice pieces -- like /Josh/ especially -- unwinds like a cool surreal CGI short film.

  4. Loved them. Specially Josh.

  5. funny, ed. i used to write in this style; love what you've done with it. the poems are great! neat publication too. congrats ~xoxox

  6. Kudos for these three beautifully crafted and emotionally moving poems published in The Denver Syntax, Edward. The web poetry journal itself is an attractive site, I had not seen it before.

    I'd read them all before in one form or another, so it was a real treat to see how you'd reworked, edited, and focused your imagery to fit the the themes of existence, consciousness, the senses, the meaning of a life, in "An Old Way To Die." That poem really hit me with a sense of the intensity of dying, of living, and the void left.

    The fairy tale like surrealist imagery in "josh" makes us think about what is a brain, a mind, in a radical way, and how we scatter and transform in this world, and yet, still, the feathers from Josh's brain can still dry out, and touch the world with its creative magic as new life ("She then laid four blue eggs."

    "Wearing Out" seems sadder then I remember it, and more elegiac, but it perhaps the tightest expression of your lyrical gift to evoke states of consciousness that sing out their wonders and sensory acuity even as the mind that has them unravels.

    All in all, reading these poems published here made me feel a flush of pride and joy, seeing your words read by a larger audience.

  7. It was such a thrill to read your poems in Syntax,Ed! I especially loved "Josh" which lets some of us feather-brains know we are still special enough to land somewhere. thanks. Anne grote

  8. oh stumbled upon facebook friend,

    really enjoyed reading your stuff
    in syntax and yr blog. nice connections. buddhaful.



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