Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Poetry Competition


Announcing a poetry competition. Submit your poems to me personally at:

I will review all poems and once a month I will select one to appear on this blog with an introduction about the author and a short explication (by me) of the poem. Hopefully, this will generate excitement and comments for each poem selected. I look forward to receiving your submissions.

Simply email the poem IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL (I would prefer to not receive attachments) with the subject simply saying "poetry submission," or something similar. Please don't expect an answer to the submission by email.

Warm regards,

Edward Nudelman



  1. Ed,
    Because I have promised to leave a comment on the poems for this competition every month, I have also decided NOT to enter it. I guess you can say I´m recusing myself, buddy. But I look on with great interest to reading the winners!

  2. Thanks John, I figured that was the case. Everyone should feel honored: John Walter is an accomplished playwright with many of his plays performed in Los Angeles, a stellar poet and a man whose manuscript for the next best seller is poised and nearly sent off (and I'm not joking!). Best of all, he's one of my best friends.


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